DeFi 3.0 Alliance launches to drive innovation and adoption of DeFi 3.0 Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS)

We are excited to announce the formation of the DeFi 3.0 Alliance; a global non-profit association focused on the development, education and widespread adoption of transparent, affordable and secure DeFi 3.0 and Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) for all.

This is a market with huge potential that needs a recognised mark of quality to establish DeFi 3.0 and FaaS a credible, recognised sector within the crypto space. Whilst the following quote does not endorse any particular project, it speaks to the potential market size.

“I do genuinely see FaaS being the next big wave in crypto. I will be at the forefront of this massive potential market. I’m calling for $25 billion to be in FaaS products by the end of the year. Who knows the growth potential, I just know… Farming-as-a-Service is here to stay.” Foodfarmer.eth

Founding members

There are eight founding members; leaders in the space with a collective market cap of over $150 million, and collective community reach of close to 100,000

Cross Chain Farming $CCF

DeFi 3.0, FaaS, BSC.

Web + Twitter

D3 Protocol $DEFI

DeFi 3.0 Currency, BSC

Web + Twitter

Reimagined Finance $REFI

DeFi 3.0 FaaS, ETH

Web + Twitter

All Coins Yield Capital $ACYC

DeFi 3.0 FaaS, ETH

Web + Twitter

Alpha Brain Capital DAO $ABC

DeFi 3.0 FaaS, ETH


Aggregated Finance $AGFI

DeFi 3.0 FaaS, ETH

Web + Twitter

Inu Capital $INC

DeFi 3.0 FaaS, ETH


The Chads Club #Chads

DeFi 3.0 NFT, ETH

Web + Twitter

Foodfarmer.eth will be joining the association as an advisor, pending the launch of his own upcoming DeFi 3.0 FaaS project. Stay tuned for details.

Membership is open to all projects focussed on DeFi 3.0 and/or FaaS that can demonstrate their credibility, security, and ability to deliver on their roadmap.

All credible projects are welcome, we build together. There is a vetting process and a joining fee. Contact Cross Chain Alex on Twitter for more details.

Focus areas

The DeFi 3.0 Alliance is dedicated to working together to drive innovation and best practices in the following areas as they relate to DeFi 3.0 and FaaS.

Technical standards

Research and development (R&D) on technical innovations, solutions and products that will optimize cross chain DeFi 3.0 and FaaS.

Security standards

Research and development (R&D) for the development of security standards that will act as the benchmark for safe and secure DeFi 3.0 and FaaS access.

Investment alpha

Information sharing on market trends and narratives for members to research, leading to enhanced growth and performance of DeFi 3.0 and FaaS.

Education and networking

Dissemination of content to educate and promote DeFi 3.0 and FaaS to a wider audience, expanding reach, onboarding and market potential.

DeFi 3.0 accelerator

The accelerator offers seed funding (via association funds and direct investment from members) for innovative projects that will further the advancement and adoption of DeFi 3.0 and FaaS.

Additional activities

In addition members get access to an exclusive network of DeFi 3.0 and FaaS industry innovators, tools and solutions, vetted preferred suppliers and digital meet-ups and events.

For further information on our members please visit the links provided. To enquire about joining please contact Cross Chain Alex on Twitter. Be sure to follow us on Medium and Twitter to stay up to date with our activities.

Non-profit association for the development of transparent, affordable and secure DeFi 3.0 and Farming-as-a-Service. Contact: @CrossChainAlex